Marvin Klingel

Photography with Passion

On this website i want to show my work and maybe encurage others to also follow this Hobby if they feel like they might be enjoying it.

I am doing photographs active for more then 5 years now and still haven't learned the most that you can learn, so this hobby will give you something you can learn for probably the rest of your life, but never becomes boring.

I'm a 21 year old german mechanic, spending most of his freetime with his Camera or on the Computer.

I took all the pictures used on this Website myself and just started editing on the computer aswell.

I like traveling through the world with just my equipment, to get the best shots of every culture and Natural habitat.

My favorite type of picture are close ups of plants or Bugs, aswell as pictures taken close above the water surface, you can find both in my galery.


My equipment is still not even close to be finished, but i allready have a pretty extensive Set, considering all the Outdoor and the Afterwork equipment. I got no payment by any of the below named companies and dont advertise them, the recommendations are just my personal opinion.

My Camera is a Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark 2 using the lens M.Zuiko Digital 14-22mm F3.5-5.6 EZ for wide landscapes or close Portraits, as well as some close ups and the Tele-Lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F4-5.6 R for ranged or dificult to reach Close ups.

Allways conected to that Camera is  my iPad 4, which allows me to look at the Pictures on a bigger screen imediantly or even edit some small  aspects. Further it gives me aditional 120GB Space for pictures to safe my favorite shots or just make space for more on my SD-Card.

My main SD-Card though has space for 128GB of pictures itself and so is rarely filled before i get to my Computer again, for emergency cases i have 2x 1GB Cards with me. My Camera, the iPad, the Cards, Lenses and my 3 Batteries as well as power bank and Battery charger are all stored in my loyal Bag from AmazonBasics what allways provides a little space for a bottle of Water, some snacks, my visiting cards and a warning West. On the Front of the Bag there is a Pocket with Pen and Paper, and the bag is still not fully packed.

At Home i got my self build Computer waiting for me, that is capable to do any afterwork i need to do, as well as my Hard Drives to save all the pictures i made. More Info about my PC Setup is written on my Gaming/Streaming Space.