Marvin Klingel

Photography with Passion

Here you will find the Managing jobs i take (voluntary) and what i am Editing to train myself.

 YouTube Editing, is one of my Voluntary works, since i just want to train becoming a good editor.

At the moment i Cut the Videos for my own YouTube Channel as well as my friend Braurberc who started streaming lately.

As his streaming is very inconsistent, i don't get a lot of material to work with though.

I am also the Moderator for his Twitch Streams and his YouTube Channel in general so i might be able to bring him into more content soon.

One day i found myself applying as the new Social-Media-Manager of a graphicians Forum i was very active in. Since their Social Media fell asleep mostly due to a high rate of inactivity in the Forum, i kinda became an average Moderator.

That though led myself to read a lot into the options Forums and Communities can give you, what brought me to the Programm Discord. I trained myself around a lot of Servers and Bots and have a very widely spreaded knowledge now to use on Community Servers.

So it came that i took the job as Admin/Manager of several Streamers Discords, Community Discords and Support Discords, helping them to improve or keep growing.

Last i opened up my own German Community Server. It's about everything you want to talk about, having fun together and find friends. It's called the Republic of Melonian and is free to join for everyone. But beware the only allowed language is german.

A big part of my life was influenced by the eSports scene.

I founded the Team CounterApes in 2014 with some friends so we could train together for several online games especially Counter Strike and maybe go into tournaments later on.

Sadly we never saw a single match before we disbanded in 2015 after a lot of training led into arguments about the way we want to continue.

After losing my Team me and one of my Players stood together opening the new Team UniBombs in late 2015, never trying to become a professional team, but helping new players achieve a game level, to join higher tiered Teams. We played some Training matches against Teams i had met but nothing big.

In 2017 i re-opened the Team with one of my best friends, who i often see as my brother, filling it not only with friends but also recruiting players we met online, doing trainings and even competing in small non-prized tournaments. For that case i stepped back in the UniBombs Team, what led to a disband of the Team.

After only 7 month we even achieved being 3rd Place in a 12 Team League from the USA, called the SilverCupLeague.

Only a year later we won our first Tournament, with 16 competing amateur Teams called the SilverJungleTournament.

Encouraged by that win, we expanded and recruited more players, even re-opening UniBombs as a Female Only Team, but all that didn't last and so we stood with our 7-Man (and woman) team of CounterApes, what became a family for me.

2019 we had our last appearance on an online "Stage" playing in the Qualifier for an actual Tournament, losing against INDIGLO eSports. So far we had won 2 matches in that qualifier and were happy with that end of the career for CounterApes. Most of the Team went to higher tiered Teams, or stopped their eSports efforts completely.

Meeting INDIGLOs Coach Jester in that Tournament, i decided to re-open UniBombs a last time, with Jester as their Leader, just organizing their matches and Co-Coaching them from the outside. The Team reached a base of 3 Teams with a 7 Man Lineup each, until most of us decided that our career was finally over and giving Jester and our best players a goodbye into a new forming Team, not anymore under my Lead. The Team lastet 2 years, reaching the quarter Finals in 2 Tournaments containing 16 Teams and reaching spot 10 of 30 in an whole european league for amateurs and semi-pros.

CounterApes was giving a try for a comeback in 2020 with changing the Game from Counter Strike to League of Legends, but 2021 finally forming into a non competitive gaming community of the remaining 20 Players and Supporters, as well as some joining friends that where now able to join without showing any sign of skill or appear to official trainings.

If i will ever startup one of these Teams again is unclear, but i look forward into competing in Tournaments with non fixed Teams of Friends, just for the Fun and challenging character of being in a Tournament, where a loss might not only affect one game but the outcome of the Tournament.

While using the programms for my YouTube editing, i also found myself doing Video montages of fotographs for my Family, i might look forward into doing that also for events and other people.