Marvin Klingel

Photography with Passion

Welcome to my site

On this site you will find different projects of mine, considering my Hobbies.

Photography is the main content of this Website. I will upload my favorite pictures into the galery, as well as showing the countries i visited with pictures and texts. Kinda like a travel Blog.

My most practicised Work next to my Job is in the Gaming and eSports direction. I am Leading organizer of the JLA with all its facades, are in Charge of eSports Teams, try myself as a Twitch Streamer in the spare time or just play Video games.

You will find Information about all this here, aswell as Links to my workspaces.

The third aspect will be also found in the other two, its about writing. I will try working more on writing poetry and Novels, and also write about the Hobbies and sports i try out or practicise, last but not least you will find experience reports i made in my Jobs and Internships. Hop in and Check out what plans i have for the future, or what is even there allready.