Marvin Klingel

Photography with Passion


I spend a lot of time Online these days.

Be it  Streaming on Twitch, editing for my pal Braurberc or just playing Video Games. Further i was organizing Tournaments in a lot of games under the name of the Jungle League Association.

Tournaments organisation

Sadly a past chaper of my life is the JLA, i foundet it with friends and fused with another organisation, so we grew up to a community with more then 100 gamers and Teams in less then a year.

We organized a lot of Tournaments for League of Legends, Counter Strike and Rainbow Six Siege, streamed them live on Twitch with Casters commentating and even where able to give small prices in the end.

Sadly the amateur eSports community was shrinking again after some time and people where heading into higher leagues or disbanding their teams. Also most volunteers working for the JLA lost interest in the project or simply had no time anymore.

Still its a part of my life i look back at with joy and i am proud of what we achieved back in the days.


Under the Name ApeDied i found myself Streaming on Twitch, Gaming through several Universes and making a lot of Friends. While i use "ApeDied" mostly as Login Name, Ape became like a nickname for me, some friends even keep calling me in Real life knowing its not my actual name.

You Find a lot of Information about my Online personality here and what i do with that name on Social Media.


Using the Logo of CounterApes here is not exact the main theme in this part of the Site.

Here you will find a lot about my past eSport Teams and my job as an Editor and Community-Manager.